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Fear and Courage

All healthy men fear. If we did not fear, we’d conclude that something was mentally wrong with us, and yet the same can be said when fear takes a gripping hold over our life. So fear is a balance between maintaining healthy fear while not falling into the grip of unhealthy fear. I believe forContinue reading “Fear and Courage”

Poetry: The Birth of Dawn

Seek Heal Relief All so Ill Adonai We need Your fill Hashem May it be Your will. Music to my ears Beneath the wings cascading feel We’ve become so unreeled Wildfire haze, clear sky reveal. Sunrise, Mid-day Look up, children let’s play! Orange glow no more Midnight no longer in day! Dance, the dawn breaks!Continue reading “Poetry: The Birth of Dawn”

Poetry: Unbreakable

Strong I stand Though my enemy besiege me; Day and night He is unrelenting, But I will never bow down I bow to none but Yeshua. Arrows and weapons fall upon me, I am surrounded; But He has never left my side I am not alone I stand strong in Ruach Ruach in me likeContinue reading “Poetry: Unbreakable”

Poetry – The Soul that Wanders

Far from You Will I come near? Distracted and Dismayed My sin keeps me frayed You love, I hate My true heart betrayed How much longer will I delay? Will you wait? Please wait.


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